Eric Arnold

Eric Arnold

Planswell CEO

  • Failed out of college
  • Got fired from two companies
  • Failed at 9 startups
  • Lost everything on a bad investment
  • Figured it out
Eric's Story

I can’t imagine anything keeping Eric from getting back up.

At 17 years old, a drunk driver changed the course of Eric Arnold’s life. A deadly car crash took his father, grandmother, and family dog. For too many in his shoes, the will to lead a complete life and to create a better world ends there. For Eric, it was just the beginning of a fulfilling life — a life that includes daily doses of positivity, connection, and dreaming big. 

“Overcoming adversity no doubt made him the strong leader he is today,” said Planswell Chief Operating Officer and longtime friend Scott Wetton, “Life may knock him down, but I can’t imagine anything keeping Eric from getting back up.” 

Soon after the life-changing car crash Eric enrolled in college, intending to follow a traditional career path — but his most important lessons came from outside the classroom. To pay his way, he knocked on doors to sell residential window cleaning services. In no time, he developed a repeatable process that earned him a legendary 95% close rate. He frequently delivers his seminar,  “7 Steps to Achieve a 95% Close Rate” to financial advisors and offers his winning formula in a  free ebook

Eric previously worked as a financial advisor at two of Canada's top firms. “They told me to go out and get 300 clients,” said Eric, “I assumed the goal was to assist 300 in the first week, so I was disappointed to learn they meant I'd help 300 people over my entire career. I thought, there has to be a better way .“ Thus, Planswell was born. Eric’s passion for helping people achieve financial security inspires Planswell’s team and the advisors who’ve joined the mission to make quality financial planning accessible to all. 

Eric spends his work week in a remote cabin in Ontario. On weekends, he is a busy father, an avid reader, a Persian rug aficionado, and a frequent student of timeshare sales pitches. In recent years, his poignant thought leadership on LinkedIn reached over 70 million people. To connect with Eric, visit his LinkedIn page

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Working with Eric
Javairia Asif
Javairia Asif

People Operations Lead

It’s been great working closely with Eric in helping Planswell grow and finding like-minded individuals to help make an impact on the world. Eric’s diligence, ambition, and work ethic make coming to work a solid 10/10 every day!

Jen Mastrud CMO
Jen Mastrud

Chief Marketing Officer

I’ve tried many good CEOs and I can honestly say Eric Arnold is the last CEO you will ever need. Planswell has the best culture I have experienced and that starts at the top, with Eric.

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Patrick Brennan

Account Executive

Eric’s authenticity and display of kindness & concern for myself and others is my favorite quality about him. Aside from genuinely wanting to grow Planswell —helping customers and advisors —he understands he needs an awesome team to reach his goal.

Tamara Antonijevic
Tamara Antonijevic


After five years of working with Eric, I can safely say there is nothing that can stop him from moving forward, while keeping a positive attitude.

Public Speaking

Inspiring an Industry

Eric Arnold enjoys speaking at conferences, corporate events, universities, and more. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, his public speaking moved to Zoom where he presented to financial advisors weekly. He’s looking forward to connecting with audiences in person when travel is safe again. 

Eric speaks passionately on the following topics:

Supporting working parents on your team
Modern prospecting for financial advisors
Winning sales techniques
Overcoming adversity
Consumer finance trends

Eric Arnold Public Speaking
To inquire about inviting Eric to speak to your organization, please click here.
Free Ebook

How to Close at 95%

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7 steps you must nail to achieve a >95% close rate 

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How to close at 95%