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We’re making it easier than ever for consumers to get quality financial advice—while connecting qualified financial professionals with those eager for help, in real time.

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The Planswell Difference

What We Offer

Your Households are Exclusive

To give Planswell households the very best experience, only one financial advisor will contact them

Guaranteed Households Each Month

Planswell is the only platform that guarantees the number of opportunities you'll receive on a monthly basis.

Your Clients, Your Revenue

As long as Planswell households have access to help, we're happy. Your client relationships are yours to keep—and so is your revenue.

how they got here

The Consumer Journey

A free financial plan is just the first step to financial wellness for many Planswell Households. Some need a trusted guide to help them the rest of the way.  Spoiler alert: that's you.

Consumers in your state

Consumers in your state turn to Planswell with questions about their finances

Consumer discovery

Consumers answer 40 discovery questions, SMS validate their phone numbers, and receive a free financial plan

You connect

You connect with them to help them review their plans, answer their questions, and/or help them obtain the financial products they need

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What the Average Qualified User Looks Like

  • 300K in Investable Assets
  • 125K Annual Income
  • Aged 30 - 60
  • Located in your state/province
Qualified Users
Have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should my approach differ with Planswell households?

    Because Planswell consumers have already received their plans, the closing/onboarding process will be quite different from your established processes for other clients. Rest assured, we'll train you on best practices for serving this entirely different type of client. 

  • What is the timeline between when a household receives their plan and when an advisor reaches out?
    Households are assigned in real time so you can engage with prospective clients while their Planswell experience is fresh in their minds. You will receive an email notification as soon as your new household creates a plan. Call at your convenience—we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes.
  • How do you match partners with households?

    When you submit your billing address and complete onboarding, we get right to work matching you with households in the province or state in which you are licensed. 

what clients are saying

Join Us in Transforming Financial Futures

Syed Raza
Syed Raza

Planning Client

I'm absolutely blown away from my involvement with Planswell. I booked an appointment to discuss my financial goals and get started building out my future.

Kathy Mighton
Kathy Mighton

Planning Client

So impressed! Peace of financial mind is a big deal. Thank you Planswell!

P. Schmidt
P. Schmidt

Planning Client

I don't have the words to express how grateful I am that I found Planswell...I feel confident moving forward, something that I've never felt regarding finances or financial planning and that in and of itself is priceless.

Jess Seo
Jess Seo

Planning Client

I have loved my experience with Planswell so far. [My advisor} made everything so easy to understand and got my finances on the right track. Kudos to the whole team!


Your Opportunities are Waiting

  • At least 10 exclusive prospective households per month
  • World-class sales training
  • Our beloved financial planning software
  • Executive peer groups
Your opportunities are waiting