Executive Peer Groups for Financial Advisors

You will feel understood, lifted up, and connected to like-minded industry peers when you join a Plancraft group. We're stronger together.

why join

Peer Group Perks


As fellow financial advisors, your group mates appreciate the highs and lows of our profession. Together, you will develop a collaborative bond—an unfortunate rarity in financial planning. You will undoubtably wonder how you made it this far without them.


Your group is eager to offer insight, solutions, and resource recommendations right when you need them most. Someone within your group is sure to have experience with similar challenges and will generously share what worked and what didn’t.


Participating in a group will allow you to access the latest industry trends, hear of new ideas, and gain insight into how other organizations structure their team and processes for success. Think of this as your own personal board of directors.


If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Having a group to support you and hold you accountable will help you achieve potential like nothing else will. The collective brain power of the group is a multiplier for your own expertise.


“It’s been a huge advantage to my business to bounce ideas around with people and use our combined experiences to solve problems. The community and support are invaluable.”

—Plancraft group member
how it works

What Happens in a Typical Plancraft Group Meeting

  • Groups meet monthly at a regular date and time 
  • At each meeting, we share wins, update each other on the progress of our goals, then move into the hot seat
  • The majority of time is spent discussing each other’s challenges and providing support, feedback, and ideas
  • The facilitator will take notes and help keep track of time so everyone has space to share 
Plancraft meetings
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How We Measure Up


Peer group memberships alone can cost as much as $1800/month, but Plancraft is offered at just $199/month.

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Monthly meetings
Guest speakers
Networking events
No contract
Within-industry peers
Cost $1800/mo. $199/mo.
Have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are meetings recorded?

    Out of respect for privacy and confidentiality of the group, meetings will not be recorded. Your facilitator will take notes to share with the group.

  • If I'm not experiencing any current challenges, should I still attend the monthly meeting?

    Absolutely. Plancraft requires offering support in addition to receiving it. These meetings are an ongoing commitment and not intended for drop-in participation.

  • Will we have our cameras on during meetings?

    Yes, non-verbal affirmation, eye contact, and active listening are important when supporting each other.

  • What does the facilitator do?

    Although Plancraft groups are designed for peer leadership, Planswell provides professional facilitators for each group to organize meetings, send reminders, keep time, take notes, and keep everyone on task. Your facilitator will not provide answers, solve business problems, or offer expertise.


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