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Meet the software that's modernizing the advisor-client experience.

Instant Client Onboarding

Get right to work for your clients. They can complete discovery and create an entire financial plan from their mobile device in 3 minutes. With instant access to their plan, you can have more meaningful conversations. No more back and forth.

Power Your Prospecting

Your prospective clients can use your unique software link to create a custom plan. You'll save discovery time AND impress them with our highly complimented user experience.

Planning Simplified

Everything you need in a planning software including insurance, mortgage, debt, investment, and cashflow considerations—all coming together more efficiently than ever before.

What's Included

Beyond the Software

Your FREE account includes a suite of benefits to ensure you're enthusiastically satisfied with Planswell. 

  • Highly rated training and support
  • Twice-weekly open Q & A
  • Popular CRM with export functionality

  • Robust AdvisorHQ with hundreds of hours of content

  • Unique plan-building link for your clients and prospects

  • Live webinars and on-demand content

  • Fully facilitated peer leadership groups

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Your Software View

  • CRM
  • Summary
  • Charts
  • Assets
  • Cashflow
  • Client View

Your Households in One Place

Our CRM is where you’ll see your list of clients and prospects. You’ll have instant access to their contact information and financial plans. You can add notes or export them into another system if you'd like.


Specific, Actionable Advice 

Go to the summary view to deliver exactly what your clients need from you: guidance. The details are laid out with key points to share, with a focus on what they should do today. Good planning, made easy.



While the summary view focuses on actionable advice for today, the chart views show the future. Use your charts tools to demonstrate your clients' financial landscape over the years to come. Charts —along with the corresponding summary view— update in real time as levers are adjusted on the left. Easily simplify the view by hiding lines at any time.

Asset chart

Fan Favorite

Everyone loves to see how their assets will grow over time. When they're happy, we're happy. Give your clients a snapshot of their account balances at specific points of time in the future. You'll notice them leaning in, eyes wide, for a closer look.


The Crystal Ball

Demonstrate where retirement dollars will come from and how they will draw down over time. We factor in taxes on their 401k, social security, and other nuances that need to be considered. Run various scenarios, such as delaying social security payments, and see the outlook adjust in real time.

Client View

Digestible Delivery

We've carefully curated the client view so your clients and prospects can gain valuable insight into their finances without becoming overwhelmed. We've designed their experience to be as digestible as a children's storybook.

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