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New channel, new approach. We'll show you the way.

PLANCRAFT core training

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Take in 14 lessons in 7 days, then decide if Planswell is right for you.


Welcome +
Platform Access

You’ll receive immediate platform access upon joining. Come on in, kick the tires, and explore your new favorite FinTech solution. We promise you won’t break anything. Plan to attend our open Office Hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays and bring your questions.


Platform Tour +
Building Rapid Rapport

Let’s get down to business. Planswell’s software is so intuitive, your platform tour takes just minutes. Next, learn more about Planswell consumers so you can best serve them. Finish Day 2 with a must-see seminar led by Planswell CEO Eric Arnold — available to partners on demand.


Sales Mentality +
Message Cadence

Our sales guru Lukasz Merzdik kicks off the day’s training with two video lessons on sales philosophy. By day’s end, you’ll learn our tried-and-true message cadence with best practices and pro tips for getting past the very first hurdle in sales.


THE Script +
The Soft Yes and No

It’s time to dive into THE script. Rigorously tested over hundreds of thousands of calls, we’ve taken a science-based approach to develop a consistently winning process. Trainer Lukasz doesn’t simply explain how — he also gives you the why, every step of the way. Plan to spend some time on Day 4 practicing the script on your own.


Discovery +
Don’t Get Ghosted

Finish up script training with lessons on building rapport, discovery, and setting logistics. We’ll show you how to avoid getting ghosted with training on booking the meeting, social proof, and mastering the final stretch. Don’t miss these crucial lessons — they could make or break your success.


Cash Flow & Insurance
+ Corrective Planning

Scott Wetton, Planswell’s Chief Operating Officer, will take it from here. He’ll lead you through a deep dive into the software to show you cash flow planning and the insurance module. You’re also going to need to know how to utilize the software for corrective planning — a.k.a. helping clients make changes to reach their financial goals.


Visualization +
Support Resources

Scott Wetton is back to show you the powerful visualization tools available to you and how to use them with clients. He’ll demonstrate how to easily manipulate charts in real time so you can use them to bring value to clients during your calls. Just before flying the nest, we’ll show you support resources available to you throughout the life of your partnership.


Beyond Core Training

We're just getting started! From Day 8 and beyond, your ongoing training will take many forms. Live webinars, boot camps, executive peer groups, and more are all included in your partnership. Lean into the community, explore on-demand resources in AdvisorHQ, and observe role-playing calls. Class is always in session at Planswell.


Embracing Change

In a post-COVID world, we all need to do business a little differently. Successful advisors are rethinking how they attract and retain clients, and they’re turning to Planswell to pivot.

Because we offer an entirely new category of prospecting, your existing process won’t work. To succeed with Planswell, you will need to embrace change. We’ll show you how.

This isn’t elementary sales training. Our Plancraft training program is consistently highly rated even among our most experienced partners — 53% of Planswell advisors have over ten years of experience!

Training for today

The Team in Your Corner

We’re committed to your success throughout the life of your partnership and beyond. That’s why all partners have regular, ongoing access to our trainers and executive team via unstructured, ask-me-anything style sessions conducted twice per week. Our most successful partners lean into the collective mindshare on these valuable calls.

Ermos Erotocritou

Ermos Erotocritou, CFP®, CPCA

Having built a highly successful division managing well over $2 billion dollars in AUM, Ermos Erotocritou brings his passion and expertise to Planswell partners. Amassing over 20 years of industry experience, he was ranked as one of Canada's top regional directors for 10 consecutive years.

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Eric Arnold

Eric Arnold

As CEO & co-founder of Planswell, Eric enjoys inspiring financial advisors while leading the vision for a high-talent team dispersed around the world. He previously worked as a financial advisor at two of Canada's top firms, developed about a dozen startups, and created more than $400 million of value through digital marketing.

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Lukasz Merdzik

Lukasz Merdzik

Before developing the recipe for Planswell’s secret sauce, Lukasz cut his teeth in one of Toronto’s toughest sales boiler rooms. Using scientifically tested call scripting, he became a sought-after one-call closer. He now brings his fool-proof process to hundreds of advisors each week who are growing their firms with Planswell.

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How to Close 95%

How to Close 95%

by Eric Arnold

While in college, Eric Arnold knocked on doors to sell residential window cleaning services. Through testing and refining, he earned a legendary 95% close rate—and the best education of his life.

Eric regularly shares his sales formula to inspire Planswell partners who are on the front lines of making quality financial advice accessible to all

While in college, Eric Arnold knocked on doors to sell residential window cleaning services. Through testing and refining, he earned a legendary 95% close rate—and the best education of his life.

Eric regularly shares his sales formula to inspire Planswell partners who are on the front lines of making quality financial advice accessible to all


What Advisors Say About Our Training

Ed H.
Ed H.


I like the short and sweet approach with the videos. It's a two-track approach...the training videos are there as an introduction, and the advisor platform is there for more in-depth training. Overall, I have found it very helpful.

Ryan W.
Ryan W.


The training is very good. I have 20 years financial services leadership training and have participated in all of the videos and read through all of the Planswell material...I have picked up a few good tips and it has been a helpful reminder.

Bill H.
Bill H.


I am blown away by the level of thoroughness of the training you have provided.

Chris B.


Love the planning software, love the process, love the training, love everything with Planswell! Keep it up!

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How Our Training Measures Up

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7-day core training, risk free cross image icon tick image icon
Twice weekly unstructured access to trainers in perpetuity cross image icon tick image icon
Robust knowledge base with on-demand content cross image icon tick image icon
Facilitated executive peer groups groups cross image icon tick image icon
Industry-specific webinars & workshops cross image icon tick image icon


Have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I start calling households?

    You’ll be ready to begin working with Planswell consumers on Day 8 of your partnership, after completion of core training.

  • Can I get all of the core training content at once so I can knock it out on the weekend?

    Sure! The core training is available in our knowledge base, so you may work ahead or catch up on lessons you missed.

  • Can I get my households sooner if I work ahead on training?

    Because our marketing department will need to initiate a new advertising market for you, the household distribution schedule cannot be accelerated.


Your Opportunities are Waiting

  • At least 10 exclusive prospective households per month
  • World-class sales training
  • Our beloved financial planning software
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