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We're here to provide the world’s most actionable financial planning experience to everyone, for free.

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Everyone who interacts with the Planswell brand must be enthusiastically satisfied with their experience.

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We're all about making a positive impact on clients, partners, team members, the financial planning profession, and the whole wide world.

Our Team

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Abdullah Hussain

You should not skimp on good quality butter.

Aditya from Planswell
Aditya Bhatia

I only buy candy and food, specifically sour gummies and Chick-Fil-A.

Andy from Planswell
Andy Cosby

I ended up saving $30k over the lifetime of my home by leveraging my car insurance provider with my home insurance provider. That was a 15-minute phone call. I don't know about you, but I like saving $30k in 15 minutes.

Amanda hodges

If you want something, just ask. The worst thing anyone can say in response is no.


If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.

Cody Boekestyn
Cody Boekestyn

You can't go wrong spending money on books—or on an audible subscription.

cody potapoff
cody potapoff
cody potapoff

When traveling with surfing gear, just say it's golf clubs and you won't be charged extra.

Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy

Let me overthink this and get back to you.

Corey Small
Corey Small

I love eating out, so —for me— the idea of saving money means I need to cook at home like everyone else.

Craig from Planswell
Craig Savolainen

Have yourself a 30-day list and if you want to buy something, put it on the 30-day list. If you're still thinking about buying it 30 days later, buy it.

Eric from Planswell
Eric Arnold

When I canceled TV, they called me back three weeks later and they're like, “Hey, we’ve got a deal for you.” Seven bucks a month, and I actually saved money when they bundled other things I was already paying for separately. So, I got TV again.

Yohan Hanna
Hanna Domingo

Let me overthink this and get back to you.

Mark Maynard
Mark Maynard

I'll take a $5 plain white T over one that says Gucci on the front any day.

Sarah Ditmars

Let me overthink this and get back to you.

scott w
Scott from Planswell
Scott Wetton

Credit cards are the safest form of payment out there with unlimited liability coverage. If somebody steals your debit card and runs up a big bill, you're screwed.

Shaunfrom Planswell
Shaun Esau

You should buy used outdoor equipment, like bikes or kayaks. Those things are tools, not jewels.

Tamara at Planswell
Tamara Antonijevic

I bought really expensive hiking shoes and I'm not sorry.

Trevor at Planswell
Trevor Oseen

When it comes to being cheap, I dilute the detergent.

Thomas King

Let me overthink this and get back to you.

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