Bob & Ross: Tried Everything

When it comes to advertising and marketing, Bob and Ross have tried it all.

(Watch time: 1:50)

"We work with another company, but we are far more impressed with what we're getting from [Planswell] at a fraction of the price," said Ross.

The Missouri-based business partners were "pleasantly surprised" by the amount of assets many of their households have. More than half of them have hundreds of thousands of dollars in various accounts.  

When they sat down with us to tell us about their Planswell experience, they had made contact with eleven of their first twenty households. "Some we burned early because we didn't know what we were doing," Ross said of the learning curve. They were able to book three or four appointments and continue to nurture the others.

Bob and Ross have also taken advantage of their dedicated link for the planning software that allows their other clients to build financial plans for themselves. "They like it. It's easy to use."

"We use a lot of different stuff. It's one of the stronger things at this point. Planswell is up there with the best of it so far," said Ross.

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