Larsen: Your Unique Referral Link

Larsen Lorenz for Planswell

Larsen can now spend more time with clients

(Watch time: 4;26) 

"I like to spend as much time as possible actually meeting with clients," starts Larsen Lorenz. Early in his career, he was frustrated to spend as much as 95% of his time looking for ways to get in front of people. 

When he started with Planswell, he anticipated he'd need a couple of months to tackle the learning curve. From his first ten households, he had four good conversations.  A young family with insurance needs became his first Planswell clients.

Even better, Larsen found quick success with his unique referral link from Planswell. "In marketing, this is the holy grail," says Larsen. He posted it on his social channels and found his pipeline filling organically. He is able to engage new prospects by following up to discuss their free Planswell plan. "It's helpful to send people who reach out to me through the process so I don't have to take all the notes and do the actual work," he says, "Planswell just gathers it for me and builds the plan." 

Larsen's Advice for New Partners:

  • Share your unique referral link with your social networks.
  • Lean into Plancraft groups, where Planswell partners go to tap into their collective mindshare.
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