Ryan: Planswell vs. Cold Calling

Planswell Transformed My Practice

Ryan is having his best year in business.

(Watch time: 3:52) 

A year ago, he found Planswell. He quickly signed a large, million-dollar client. "You guys have transformed my practice," he told us.

After just three years in the industry, he landed on "the perfect partnership" with Planswell. Like many who are new to the business, he tried to manage his own digital marketing to no avail. Even more common, he burned through a lot of cash and got no results.  Today, he's using Planswell and client referrals exclusively to grow his business. 

"This has been a game changer. By far my best year," he said.

Not surprisingly, Ryan also tried cold calling before discovering Planswell. "That kind of sucks— nobody wants to get that and they're not going to be forthcoming with their information," he said.  "[With Planswell] I like that these are people who know they need some help...It's a really nice foot in the door with people who are engaged and attentive." He added the households' self-reported data typically proves to be accurate. 

Ryan shared his feedback on some of Planswell's other perks for partners:

Executive Peer Groups: Ryan was paired with a couple of more experienced advisors for his Plancraft executive peer group and benefits from their wisdom. Their professional facilitator, Isabel, is "amazing" he says, explaining how she moves the discussions forward. "We're all holding each other accountable," he said.

Software: "For ease of use, I love what you guys have most. It's simple and straightforward." Ryan is also impressed by Planswell's ongoing innovation of the technology.

Training: The most valuable part of his Planswell partnership is the training, says Ryan.  "The sales skills are what I really needed to learn." 

The Script: "I love the script," he said, emphasizing the value of a repeatable process that's been rigorously tested.  

"The value is unreal," said Ryan, "I'd almost say charge more." 

Ryan's Advice for New Partners:

  • You have to be able to approach, speak, and connect with people personally.
  • For more receptive prospects, learn how to make a good first impression.
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