Skylar: Planswell vs. Doing It Yourself

September 16, 2021 | 1 minute read

For 7 years, Skylar DIY'd his prospecting.

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As an independent financial advisor, he felt he needed to bootstrap his pipeline of new leads. He relied on word of mouth, friends and family, blogging, networking, centers of influence, and everything else new financial advisors are told to do. That leaves little time for actual financial planning, or sleep for that matter. "If you're independent, you have to do it all yourself," he said. 

Skylar needed to go a different direction. He needed to make something happen. Enter Planswell.

"I did the math. That is way more economical than the amount of time you have to spend figuring out how to do a campaign for yourself and how to nurture the client for yourself," he said.

Skylar describes Planswell's service as automating the client prospecting process. He appreciates the opportunity to talk with more households in his area who are interested in financial planning, without having to do the heavy lifting himself. 

Perhaps even more valuable as an independent financial advisor is the support he gets from Planswell. "Having a team behind you with resources on how to do it from start to finish and objection handling, that is really, really valuable I think. I would give that an A+ for sure."

Advice from Skylar for new partners:

  • Watch the training videos multiple times.
  • Really feel comfortable and confident in yourself.
  • Rely on the 3 C's: confidence, caring, and compassion.
  • Lean on all the materials Planswell has for you.
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Jen Mastrud

Planswell Chief Marketing Officer