Blake: Planswell ROI

Blake has closed 4-5 new clients with Planswell so far.

(watch time: 2:35)

And he doesn't work with just anyone. "I only want the right clients. I think I probably could have had double that amount of people come on," said Blake, who partnered with Planswell 9-10 months ago. "I think a lot of people are realizing they need advice. Planswell has been working great."

Blake stresses there is a ramp-up period to get the most out of a Planswell partnership. "In the first month, you don't have your pitch down, you don't understand how to use Planswell and pivot it into your conversation. After three months, it just becomes part of your practice."

He estimates advisors can expect to onboard one client per month once they get rolling, plus develop a pipeline of quality people they wouldn't be able to find on their own. "I'm finding some really good, middle-aged people with a few hundred thousand and another twenty years to grow."

Blake may even be a Planswell partner twenty years down the road.  "I don't see why I would stop [using Planswell]. I've looked into other digital marketing services; price versus quality of leads—it's not even comparable. It truly isn't. If you sign one client, it starts paying for your subscription pretty quickly. "

Advice from Blake for new partners:

  • Be realistic with your expectations
  • Internalize your results; if you can't get a household moving quickly, that's on you
  • If you plan to try Planswell for just 3 months, you might as well not do it at all
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