Dan: A Pipeline of Qualified Prospects

November 28, 2022 | 1 minute read

Dan Andrews Planswell

Dan knows all too well that one of the biggest problems with being in business is a lack of qualified prospects.

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He admits, "Unless you're really technically proficient, trying to figure out how to get your name out there and how to extract leads and referrals ... is really hard."

If Dan wanted a steady stream of referrals, he knew he had to take the step to actually subscribe to a service that would provide that steady stream of qualified prospects he was seeking. This would also allow Dan to dedicate more time to his area of strength versus marketing and social media, at which he indicates he is less proficient.

"I definitely feel not only the value of the households, Dan affirms, but the support of the [Planswell] organization. Like the training, the system, the coaching, is of immense value."

Most people who subscribe to something similar want to see results right away, however Dan realized quickly that Planswell's approach isn't about making quick sales, but about building a pipeline of qualified prospects.

Dan’s first sale came in his third month, which paid for six months of his subscription.

Here are Dan's results* / pipeline after 4 months of leads:

  • 23 cases in the pipeline / that are hot
  • 31 cases open / in progress
  • 10 cases in the queue to be called
  • You don't have to jump in too hot and heavy; you can scale up and down as you wish
  • 3 additional meetings with new households

*individual results vary

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