Nick: Planswell vs. the Golf Course

June 7, 2022 | 1 minute read

Nick Giovannetti Planswell

Like many advisors, Nick steadily grew his business on the golf course.

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Until 2020, that is. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Nick Giovannetti knew he had to do something different to meet new clients. "You had to get good with technology and tools and you had to learn new skills to prospect and even to service existing clients," he said.

Through it all, a silver lining emerged. He now has an automated pipeline of new business, with prospects he can talk to at the exact right time. No caddie required.

"If I meet someone on the golf course, they might not really be thinking of anything for six months or 24 months," he said. With Planswell households, "these people are fresh, they're thinking about it today, and we're able to add value today."

Advice from Nick for new partners:

  • Think: if you can convert one person, you'll break even
  • Don't do the "grunt work" of inventing a new process; the script has already been tested
  • If you're in growth mode and you're hungry, [Planswell] is great way to add to your business
  • You don't have to jump in too hot and heavy; you can scale up and down as you wish
  • We all need to be continually growing and prospecting, and [Planswell] is a very automated, easy way to do that
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Jen Mastrud

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