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  • Client-led financial planning software
  • Best-in-class training & support
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Planswell Perks

Planswell puts best-in-class tools into the hands of expert volunteers—for FREE. And, oh yeah, we can fill your pipeline too.

Client-led financial planning software

Your clients and prospects can create comprehensive financial plans in about 3 minutes on their mobile devices, and they’re fully exportable if you need to migrate them to another system. Use our free CRM or yours—the choice is yours.

Best-in-class training and support

Scientifically tested sales scripts, peer leadership groups, live webinars, coaching, a robust library of on-demand content, and more. You'll find daily opportunities to level up, plus personal attention whenever you need it.

Eligibility to work with Planswell households

When you participate in our one-of-a-kind training, you'll be ready to assist Planswell households whenever you have capacity. Simply opt in right from your Planswell portal and pause again any time—we believe in flexibility, not contracts.

How It Works

Curious about working with our households? Planswell volunteers are the link between a solid financial plan and actually putting that plan into practice. 


1. Discovery completed

Our web visitors are  curious about their finances, so they complete our 40-question discovery survey and SMS-validate their phone numbers to see their custom results.

Consumer discovery

2. Financial plans delivered instantly

Each household who validates their phone number receives a full financial plan instantly. As their exclusive guide, you receive a copy too.

You connect

3. Connected to a human (psst...that's you)

While still fresh on their minds, you call them and help them improve or implement their plans. It's up to you if wish to bring your Planswell households on as clients.

Household Averages

Who You Will Help

When you have capacity to take on more clients, please consider working with Planswell households. The typical profile of our households:

  • 300K in investable assets
  • 125K annual income
  • Aged 30 - 60
  • Located in your state/province
  • Discovery complete & financial plan in hand
Qualified Users